Movement Lawyering Ethics Roundtable
On April 5-7, 2018, the Freedman Institute at Hofstra Law hosted a lively and engaging roundtable discussion with legal ethics scholars and movement lawyers from around the country. The purpose of the roundtable was to discuss the ways in which legal ethics rules may impede social justice progress and to make recommendations for changes to the rules as well as to create standards and share best practices.

Northeast Ethics Scholars Roundtables
Periodic gathering of ethics scholars and practitioners from the Northeast, with presentations from scholars drawn from national and international law schools.

Forensic Science Roundtable
In conjunction with the American Bar Association, a gathering of scientists, lawyers and judges to discuss a range of ethical issues in the use of forensic science in courts. A report will be produced with recommended standards.

Criminal Justice Ethics Schmooze
Hofstra Law sponsors a yearly gathering of junior and senior criminal justice ethics scholars from around the country for a two-day program to discuss works in progress.

These roundtables are co-sponsored by Fordham, Cardozo and New York Law Schools.

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